In 2016, I committed to a year-long project to illustrate one critter each week for the year. This is the collection of illustrations from that project.

This project started as a way to make me practice and try new things. Over the course of the year, I discovered that it had developed into a visual diary of my year. Most of the illustrations were inspired, at least in part, by something going on in my life. As I approached the end of 2016, this revelation was a bit unexpected, but certainly appreciated as I reflected on the work.

WEEK 52: Flying Gulls

WEEK 49: Puffin

WEEK 46: Raccoon

WEEK 43: Lion

WEEK 40: Grumpy Llama

WEEK 35: Black Bear Bathing

WEEK 32: a Colonial Bear

WEEK 29: Henry the Hedgehog has Tea and Cake

WEEK 26: an Equitable Eagle

WEEK 23: a Wet Penguin

WEEK 20: a Paper Octopus

WEEK 17: Rocker Pig

WEEK 14: Acrylic Seagull

WEEK 10: the Tooth Fairy

WEEK 7: Cool Cat

WEEK 5: a Troubled Groundhog

WEEK 2: Super Sloth

WEEK 51: Baking Elves

WEEK 48: Happy Elephant

WEEK 45: Dove

WEEK 42: Blackbird

WEEK 39: Dragon and Bee

WEEK 37: Fox

WEEK 34: a Rabbit

WEEK 31: a Reading Skunk

WEEK 28: Badger and Duck Go Camping

WEEK 25: a Wandering Frog

WEEK 22: a Shifting Pelican

WEEK 19:  Lake Pontchartrain Monster

WEEK 19: Lake Pontchartrain Monster

WEEK 16: a Little Mermaid

WEEK 13: a Geometric Tree-Duck

WEEK 11: Little Leprechauns

WEEK 9: a Friendly Turtle

WEEK 6: a Loving Flamingo

WEEK 4: Skating Squirrel

WEEK 50: Snow Monster

WEEK 47: Wintry Reindeer

WEEK 44: Underwater Friends

WEEK 41: Beaver

WEEK 38: The Forest Cafe

WEEK 36: Back to School Monsters

WEEK 33: a Pigeon

WEEK 30: Baa Baa Black Sheep

WEEK 27: Snakes, Rabbits, and Dung Beetles, oh my.

WEEK 24: Hedwig: a magical owl

WEEK 21: Louisiana Crawfish

WEEK 18: Learning Monster

WEEK 15: Spacewalking Monkey

WEEK 12: Celestial Butterflies

WEEK 8: Pressed Panda

WEEK 8: Pressed Panda Alternate

WEEK 3: Snail

WEEK 1: a Gnome