A year-long project in installments.


Chapter One

The Moon Dweller

Moon Dweller

The moon dweller is conductor of the earth’s seas. Each day, she gently climbs out to her post and leads the salty water in a great symphony. Some movements are slow and delicate, calming waders and sailors and ocean life. Others are powerful and loud, sometimes causing fear and worry. The tone is always changing; the waves growing or shrinking to the tune and tempo of her baton.


Chapter Two



Mushroom dwellers plant the trees. Each morning after tea, they haul yesterday’s seed harvest to a new clearing, chatting about the morning’s sunrise as they go. They begin by digging a hole twice as large as the seed. Then, they carefully place one seed in each hole, gently covering it with the remaining soil. Once planted, they collect fallen seeds for tomorrow’s planting, and take them home for sorting.


Chapter Three


Leaf Dwellers

Leaf Dwellers maintain the rivers’ currents.  Each morning after foraging for breakfast and gathering a lunch, they board their leaf and begin driving the river water toward the oceans. Working in pairs, they take turns rowing and documenting the details of the day: the weather, the wind, the water level. These notes are collected and sent back to their headquarters at the head of the river. Once they complete the trek, they catch a ride back to the start on a carrier pigeon and begin the journey again.