Represented by The Bright Agency (Yay!)

I'm so excited to announce (via blog post) that as of August 2017, I'm now represented by The Bright Agency!

Bright specializes in art for children and their offerings range from publishing to licensing to education and more. I'm so thrilled to be among their talented bunch. I was introduced to Bright when I attended the Surtex conference and show in 2015. I went to learn more about art licensing and see how the show worked. I came across the Bright booth, and I immediately felt like they were a good fit for my personality and work. I was relatively new to the illustration world at the time, so I went home and worked and worked and worked on my illustrations and drawing—exploring, taking online courses, trying new things, giving myself projects to work on.

Throughout 2016, I submitted to a few agencies seeking representation (including Bright). Most didn't respond (which is normal), a few said they liked my work but already had someone with a similar style. I kept making new pieces and honing my skills. I did a portfolio review with Giuseppe Castellano of the Illustration Department. If you're interested in art making for children's publishing, that portfolio review is worth every penny. He gives thoughtful, practical feedback and you have one-on-one time with someone who looks at art for kids (as it relates to story telling) every day. I decided to reach out to Bright again about a year after my first submission, and now I'm one of their artists. Yay!

The world of representation is all new to me. But, it's validating to have your agency of choice say they want to rep you. I'm grateful that I've been afforded the opportunity to go after the type of work I want. I'm excited to see what comes from this.